Monday, January 28, 2008

Sometimes I Want to Gauge My Eye Out

Does anyone else here know how it feels to call about 40 journalists in about 4 hours and have 99% of them tell you that:

a) they're on a deadline and can't talk (which I'm sure is true)
b) they're not interested even though I haven't even told them what
c) to email them which I already did
d) hang up as soon as I say public relations

Hey man, I'm just trying to do my job just like they are trying to do theirs. Actually, I am trying to HELP them do theirs by giving them a story idea in their beat!! GOD!!!

Um, new found love, I had to change since my Barney's boots have yet to go on sale. These are a beaut and they fit so well. I had a pair of riding boots in grade 9 that I wore with my kilt that I begged my parents to buy me...this is an homage to them. Um, I can't handle this place, everytime you finally buy something you want, you turn around and theres something new you want. I may eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ramen the whole time I live here, beware I may lose weight but I'll look fine with all my new duds!

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