Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Life is good...finally...

So today was my first day in the office after working for about 2 months from home. It was awesome, my boss and colleagues are hilarious and awesome, plus there's a company dog and that was the real reason I accepted the position. His name is Charlie and I love him. I will be busy though, media, media, media.

I love being back even though I have yet to do anything really. Yesterday went to my friend's in East Village and watched a bad movie b/c that's our "thing," to watch really shitty movies...not my choice but his. Nice and chilled and a great way to spend my first day/night back in NYC.

Fashion week is upon us, hopefully in the next 2 weeks I will meet and receive MASSIVE hookups...haha, not likely and there are also SOOO many shows coming up and I've decided to go to all even if I have no one to go with.

Shopping for roommates on craigslist, so damn competitive here. It's like writing an essay for university applications or something. I wanted to live in East Village or LES but that's not likely due to economic restraints so now looking at the sooo cliche Willyburg (shut up to all who want to make sarcastic comment about me and my likes). At least it'll be safe and I won't have to travel far for parties.

Hope everyone is as lovely and peaceful as I am!! Love the fact that I got a break, love even more the fact that I made it through 2007 and beyond!! LOVE IT!!!

Nighty night from NYC!

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