Saturday, January 19, 2008

Patience is a Virtue

So as everyone knows, my love of shoes is unconditional. I mean I love bags, jeans, etc. but I REALLY love shoes. From the time I was a little tot, I would prance around in my mother's shoes dreaming of the day I could fit into them. I even used to watch Who's the Boss and Kids Inc. to see the shoes that Sam and Stacy were wearing. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shoes.

So today was my first real shopping day back in NY. Since I had first seen the flyer for the Opening Ceremony sale I have been talking about my black Acne pumps, the ones I've loved since my first trip to NY back on Canada Day long weekend in July. At that time they were $400 and I couldn't justify buying black pumps for that much so I said screw it. I went back to NY the next week and went back to the store, still no sale. I longingly fingered them but resisted the temptation. Skip ahead to Labour Day weekend, still no sale which I found odd since there was only a 5 left meaning obviously, no one fit into them. So instead I buy a pair of grey, rubber heels...don't ask. Skip forward even more to October when I first moved here, no sale still (this is about 3.5 months now) and then back in November, still no sale. 

So then I get rudely deported and while I'm in T.O. I am dreaming about these shoes. So I figure, totally a spring/summer line gotta be onsale online. Check ShopBop, check Acne website, google search...nada. All I can find is a post that some girl did about them on her blog. So I was sad and mortified but getting over it and giving up after 6 months.

But then, I get back into NY and the first thing I see is the flyer!! So talking to my cubical neighbour all week about these shoes b/c I had to wait to get paid on Friday, I finally go today to the store. Obviously thinking, NO SHOT will they be there still since they were the last pair of 5's I slowly go downstairs and lo and behold are my beautiful pumps. I slowly turn them upside down and yup, size 5 and yup on sale for $210. I run to the back, rip off my boots and prance around. 3 salespeople come up to me all saying, "you're soo luck you fit into those, everyone's been wanting them but they fit no one." I proceed to tell them about my journey for these shoes and they realize, wow, that's love and passion for shoes!!!

In the words of the cute salesperson, "Girl, you're going to KILL it in those!!" Laugh all you want but seriously, I may kill it in them! 

Moral of the story, patience and persistence = GOOD, with both visa and with shoes!! This shows my passion, now if I could just harness that into more useful stuff...hmm!! Side note, everyone needs to visit Opening Ceremony, by far the best store in NY, very expensive but amazing!! Thanks CC for the referral back in July!!!

Pics to come as soon as I get my hands on a camera. FYI - this is the longest post thus far on my blog and it's about shoes...dear God that's a call for help!! Intervention or REHAB anyone?

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