Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This is kind of kick-ass!!! Oh the Chucks. I love my army booty ones!! Converse is celebrating their first century of existence!!! Happy Birthday Chuck!

So I am finally moving, to a loft in Williamsburg, to those who don't know, this is the hipster mecca/hell of the world. Try Parkdale/Queen West West x 1000!!! But, it's cool, and fun, and close to the city with tons and tons of stuff to do. Can't wait for summer and McCarren Park pool parties!!!!!!!! Can't wait for my first summer here in general!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Winter Wonderland

There's an actual, real snowstorm in NYC today, finally!!! Too bad the snow has about a 2 second life span of staying white here but when I did wake up, it was tres beautiful. Ironically I finally bought my Hunter rain/winter boots yesterday unknowing of the weather today. Sometimes, it all works out.

Finally back from San Francisco which is a beautiful city and CLEAN unlike the grime and grossness of NYC. I didn't get to see much of it b/c of work but loved what I saw, especially the weather. Not too hot, not too cold. Had my first red-eye flight experience on Wednesday night, flew into JFK at 5:45 am...totally sucked balls but I did get a row to myself!

Um, I have decided I hate all financial institutions in the U.S. I have had issues since day 1 and they still continue. I miss Canada and their customer service! I miss Canada and their healthcare. Sometimes I miss it all, today is one of those day but at least I have snow to make myself feel better.

On a side note, walking home from the grocery store, I saw a bike, that looked exactly like my original bike in T.O. but in wayy better condition. I waited around outside for like 10 minutes b/c I wanted to see the owner to see if I could buy but nobody came out. It would fit me too, that's the hard part, I'm too short to ride most bikes. Oh the love of my life may be back. I would be tres, tres happy to toot around BK on this thing. I want, I must have again!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


FYI: didn't get the loft in Greenpoint, still waiting to hear about the 2 bedroom, I was the first person they met so they're holding an open house tonight to see if anyone's better I guess. So weird, how does someone decide if they can live with you in the 10 minutes they meet you and how do they choose you over the other 20 people they've met? Roommate searching is hell!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Long time...

It's been awhile but I guess it's true, when I'm happy, I have less to rant and rave about. So I've decided something, I'm over the fashion week party thing. I went to a couple of those open bar party ones...all ho hum!!! All over-rated, all blah. Oh well, at least I went and I conquered.

I think my apartment hunt maybe coming to a close. After seeing numerous BAD places, answering soo many ads, I've seen 2 great possibilities in Greenpoint...just outside the Burg. Roommate hunting in this city is so weir, it's like a dating service!! Sooo weird. Anyways, it's between a super-cute 2 bedroom with 1 female roommate and a uber-cool industrial loft with 2 male roommates. I only met 1 but he was super dope!!

Wish me luck on getting one or the other or even both so that I get the choice!!