Friday, March 28, 2008

Birthday Note from Ma Mere

She's too cute, this is complete with all of the language barriers, not spelling or grammatical errors, completely how it's written:

Janet read it please...hahaha...

1. Keep up the good health
2. Good (wise) money management
3. Get a boyfriend o.k.? (1-warm heart, 2-good job, 3-good health, 4-good Christian, 5-happy family and good relationship, 6-love each other)

I hope you will be a nice and humble person and be a success woman. I'm always love you Janet.

Also in Korean she wrote, Hae Won (my Korean name), your mother lives for you and will always love you. I wish I could find the Korean characters b/c the meaning is beautiful in Korean.

Gotta love the get boyfriend part where she goes into complete detail of what a good guy would be. At least she got over the "you must marry a Korean boy" thing like 10 years ago. 

I seriously have the bestest parents in the world and that note melts my heart b/c I know the poor woman is wrought with worry over her little (literally) baby girl being in bad ass NYC!

A Little Piece of Home & Daily Convo ... March 27

I just found out my oldest, BF guy friend is coming to visit me in May with his GF and they'll be staying with me in my spare bedroom!! Yeah, I couldn't be happier, I love guests and I'm FINALLY going to be able to eat at La Esquina (his recommendation)!!!

Last night was Thirsty Thursday as we call it at work. I went to a place I would never go to in an area I wouldn't be caught dead in ... Upper East Side...but I had super fun b/c my coworkers are super fun. I even played beer pong and flip cup (American college games) and did shots of, that's right, shots of beer. Then on the subway ride home we played ESPN trivial pursuit. Now it's Freak-Out Friday b/c everyone's tired and hungover.

I am going to sit on my couch this weekend and watch my Netflix copies of the Wire and pack for Vegas. I just found out I'm taking the red eye out on Thursday at 11:45 pm and get in on Friday at 7:45! Shoot me now, please!

Janet: Is it happy hour here?

Talia: Not sure but they do have bucket of beer.

Janet: Oh really? They pour the beer in a bucket? (Turn to see it's bottles of beer in a bucket)

Talia: Hahaha, how could you think that, that's disgusting! We should get a bucket of vodka.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bobble Head Love Continues

Oh my God, I want every single goddamn piece of the Olsen twins' Elizabeth and James line.
  • Belle de Jour Dress
  • Slim Keith Trouser
  • Fleece Singlet Dress
  • Convertible Sequin Skirt
I want it all but if I could only choose a little, I would choose those. I'm seriously in love. Sigh. Check it out here.

Elizabeth and James

At least it's more affordable than The Row which is absolutely RIDICULOUSLY priced. I mean they're not real designers...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Daily Conversation...March 26, 2008

So I've decided to post daily a stupid conversation that I have with someone, usually the stupidness is caused by me, not because I'm dumb, no, no, I'm smart, I read, I write but sometimes, I'm tired and I don't know and I say things like below. This usually happens at work, imagine the beauty of sitting beside me for 8 hours a day!

Janet: Hey Francis, I am going to cook dinner tonight b/c I'm broke

Francis: Ok, what are you going to cook?

Janet: Um, chicken but can I put chicken in the oven?

Francis: What? What kind of chicken?

Janet: Oh, you know a chicken breast, I mean if I go buy a chicken breast can I put it in the oven? I mean like if I marinate it and stuff.

Francis: Silence for 5 seconds as he stares at me dumbfounded, did you seriously just ask me that?

Janet: Yeah, I'm just asking b/c I usually bbq on the Foreman. What?! I don't know that's why I'm asking!

Francis: Wow, you're the marrying type!

Janet: Whatever Francis, I'm just not domestic!!!!

Next day....

Francis: Did you cook the chicken?

Janet: Nah, fuck it I went and bought chicken cooked.


We're So Messy & Asian So We're Allowed

Some pics of my birthday, waiting for the rest of them...RACHEL HURRY THE F*CK UP!!! Um, weather is stupendously beautiful here in NYC, going to Vegas from the 31st to the 3rd for work and all is good in the hood, no great in the hood. Plus, I'm getting money back from my Canadian taxes...yeah!!! Rather than the usual melting face, we have a "let's cause shit face," another one of my specialties. I personally love my double chin in the 3rd pic, very nice.

On a side note, I think my special person is upset with me or maybe I'm upset with him...either way it should be me and not him. Whatever!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

And the Beat Goes On

So my birthday celebrations are over and thank God, I don't know how much more I could've handled. All was amazing and lovely. Wednesday started with a wonderful birthday/moving party at work complete with a funfetti cake and tons of gifts for my new abode. Rachel visited me and we met up with Aiko for happy hour drinks which lead to the MOST DELICIOUS dinner at Mercer Kitchen. I hate duck, ate the duck confit that Aiko had, delicious and I had the most wonderful scallops with homemade ravioli with this pea vinagrette, God, amazing!!! This eventually lead to even more drinks at a bar near my place in BK and finally bed at 3.

Obviously I had to get up for work the next day where I proceeded to do nothing!! Rach came to meet me again and we went for Korean BBQ. We were "supposed" to go out but I literally couldn't get up after my nap. Even my special person was texting me and I was obliviously replying with gibberish and he couldn't even get my ass up!

Friday, me and Rach go to Clinton Street Bakery and have THE MOST AMAZING (dead serious) brunch/lunch ever. I mean it had a 1.5 hour wait on a Friday so we put our names down, walked around LES and came back to eat. We continued to shop and in the evening, went to meet my cousin and friends for a night of fun at Congee Village. Ok, so those that don't know, Koreans, Chinese and Japanese all have a version of this rice porridge. Literally boiled rice for a long time. Our parents all make it for us when we're sick. Anyways, we ate delicious, real authentic food that was crazy cheap. That proceeded to drinks at the Dressing Room...1/3 bar, 1/3 store, 1/3 vintage store. It was nuts as more people joined and somehow, this turned into me at 7:30 in the morning buzzing Rach to let me back into my apt.

So obviously I wanted to do nothing but sleep on Saturday but since it was Rach's last day, I wanted so desperately to show her around my hood. So we did breakfast, and took a LONG walk around Park Slope gazing at all the dogs and babies. Unfortunately I then had to say adieu to Rach as she was heading home. I was supposed to go out with my special person but he bailed b/c he was feeling under the weather. I got a little upset but decided to say whatever b/c I realized that staying in would be good for my body and bank account.

Well, yeah didn't really turn out that way. Ended up meeting my friend Ramon at Waverly Inn (yes that one) where we proceeded to down many Bellini martinis. We then decided to make our way over to Beatrice Inn (yes that one) hoping to get in which we did with no problem at all...surprise, surprise with those asshole bouncers. We danced till our little hearts were content and then danced some more back in his apartment. The night was great and both places were super fun and once again ended up to me coming home when the sun came up.

As you can imagine I was beat on Sunday but I loved every moment of my bday week/end. I ate the most delicious food...seriously everyone must go to all 3 places I mentioned and go to all the bars I mentioned (and no, I wasn't name dropping either, I seriously didn't think we'd get into Beatrice).

I am loving my life in NYC more and more and am grateful to know all the lovely people that I do. Pics will come soon as Rach posts them!! Hope everyone had a great long weekend (wasn't one here) and had a Happy Easter. The only thing that could've made it better for me would've been dinner with my family for Easter. Guess you can't have it all?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Last Year of My 20's!!!!!

Sooo, unless my friends are your friends, which maybe the case but if not, that means that my friends are definitely better than your friends!! 50% of me still thinks I should've flown home to T.O. for my bday/easter but I didn't. It's okay, I have many, many lovely people to celebrate with here and we will do many, many, bad, bad things to celebrate the final year of my 20's!!! Many drinks are going to be drank, many melting face photos are to be taken, many provocative outfits are to be worn (remember my motto: a bit eclectic with always a bit of inappropriateness) and many other unmentionable things are to happen.

It's been a rough 29 years but I've made it...barely!! (I'm joking!) This is going to be my year...LOL!!! My cousin and bro tell me that every year b/c the last 10 have been shit but I may actually believe them this time. Someone finally gave me a break and it feels damn good to be on top!!

Thanks to everyone for all the warm wishes!!! So early yet I already got so many and that is why I have THE BESTEST friends ever!! It's the last year of my 20's and I'm excited to be leaving them behind!! Um, here is me in my everyday costume, I'm also known as GoGo to many. This is what I'm wearing tonight, tomorrow, Friday and Saturday!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My weekend was better than yours...

This weekend was amazing, one that started off on Thursday and ended off fabulously. Friday night I spent some time with my special person watching shitty movies (b/c that's our thing) and crashing out. We then we did brunch on Saturday and since it was the most gorgeous day ever, we shopped and walked all around the East Village. Well he did the shopping, for normal household supplies, I did the holding of such things and the laughing.

I then met up with the lovely Aiko and we wandered all around the city, drooling over all the loveliness to be seen and bought. We ate fabulously cheap congee at Congee Village, found Mayle bags on sale, cried over Rachel Comey shoes and everything else at Stephan Alan and ate grilled Mexican corn on the cob at Cafe Habana. We strolled all over Chinatown, LES, Tribeca and BK. The night then proceeded into drinking wine at my place, then taking the train back into the city. While on the F train, we decided to share my iPOD earphones while dancing and singing the Cure and New Order obviously annoying all around us. Her boyfriend Brian jumped on the train to meet us and we then decided to eat again at Kirin (totally made up name, we just don't know the real name) where we continued to drink plum wine and eat grilled rice balls with Bonito flakes. 

All a blur but I do know that I woke up Sunday afternoon with a huge smile on my face from my uber fabulous weekend. I talked to my moms, my dads and my bro today along with the lovely Anita. All homesickness is gone and I love the city more than ever. It was terribly gorgeous outside, as in I only needed a sweatshirt for a day of walking and everyone was out and about. I enjoyed spending time with all my special NY people this weekend and this will continue as my birthday is Wednesday.

Lots of T.O. peeps here this week. Mark who I'll hopefully see finally is here for work on Tuesday, Rachel flies in on Wednesday. Good times are to be had this week...God sometimes, life is DAMN GOOD!!

*** I know  me and Aiko are losers who have no cameras so we have no pictures to be posted. Sorry, mine got stolen/lost on NYE so until I can afford a new one (which won't be for awhile since I need household items), my verbal descriptions will have to do!! ***

Friday, March 14, 2008

Tapered Jean Girl

Happy hour in this city will be the death of me, literally. Last night, neighbourhood bar in the Slope with other neighbours from work, $20 and I was done!

I've decided to make a list of all the things I must do in this fair city this summer:
  1. McCarren Park on Sundays
  2. Prospect Park in general
  3. Find a yoga/pilates class in the Slope
  4. Coney Island
  5. Jersey Shore
  6. All Points West Festival
  7. Siren Festival
  8. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
  9. Really visit all the museums
  10. Eat at all the wonderful restaurants in the Slope
  11. Discover Carroll Gardens
  12. Find CHEAP vintage besides Beacons Closet
  13. Visit Harlem
  14. Beatrice and Sway on Sundays more often
More to come, just can't think of things. Feel free to add to the list.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Words Could Not Describe

New Found Love

Wonderful source at work told me about this little boutique in Nolita that he thought I would like. Um, I don't like, I love. Randomly, they just went into the lovely Aik's showroom and her work is going to start repping the brand. I LOVE their stuff. I would feel like I was a sophisticated Parisian wearing such clothing!! Oui? Non? Oui!!!!


Check it out!! Can't you just picture me in it!! God, this city is an explosion of wants! I make myself sick from all this wanting!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Babysitters Club

Ok, so I was OBSESSED with this series of books. More so than Sweet Valley Twins, The Sleepover Club (?), etc. My entire family can attest to this. My favourite was Stacy but in reality I loved them all. I need to get my parents to ship me my entire collection so I can reread about 50 in 1 day. The best part is, they have wicked fashion ideas b/c of Claudia Kishi...the artist/80's rockstar!! I remember I used to scour the pages to see what Ann M. Martin's fashion ideas were. She was loving the leggings, flared skirts and pushdown socks at the time. Claudia was more funky and artsy and Stacey was more trendy, off the rack stuff.

I know, I have issues.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rocking the DEEP Side Part

So I used to be one of those girls that cried when she got her haircut b/c all she liked was long, ass hippy hair. I mean for such a small person, I had A LOT of hair. All you saw half the time was my hair. I loved it!! But, right before NYE this year I decided to chop it off despite all the "no don't do its" and I LOVED it. So last Friday I decided to go to the Bumble and Bumble salon (referral by the one and only Aiks b/c as she put it, "they do all the editorials and fashion week shows so you MUST go), spend a fortune to get my haircut uber, uber short in the back (shorter than a boy) and uber, uber long in the front. 

End result...I LOVE even more than the first time. I'm rocking the DEEP side part and the entire bob thingy in the back that I didn't really like the first time is all gone. I can't believe I ever had long hair and I highly recommend spending a fortune on haircuts! I may do the Agyness Deyn hair next, not the uber short short one but the bit longer one. I love cutting my hair so much now that I can't wait till my next cut. 

Not that anyone cares but it's my blog and I get to write what I want. pics b/c I got my camera stolen on NYE. So for those that think I've disappeared into Neverland over here in NYC b/c I have no new albums on's not b/c I've decided to become a hermit, it's b/c I'm ghetto and rather spend my money on haircuts, booze, food and my metro card!! 

It's the beat...

I also get to go to this, yeah!!! This looks super the video, it's of the Kid Sister, Kanye and The Cool Kids party back in January that I didn't get to go to :(
Woo hoo!!! Late bday party for me!!!!

Nothing's Better Than NYC in the Summer

Since I can never go to Coachella, we have the next best thing this summer in NJ. Thanks Cmac for the update...we'll do the whole NJ shore beach house fun, fun, fun!! Everyone should make the trip to see this since it's much much closer than Cali!!!

The Roots, CSS, Girl Talk, Cat Power, Metric, Kings of Leon...Radiohead??!! God, Day 2 and Day 3 are just love!!! I'm excited for an uber summer!!!

xoxo...Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Back in the Slope

So I've decided that the new apartment wasn't for me. Sorry, not a big fan of rat-infested, no electricity, cat rampaged and dirty litter box apartments! Back to the Slope permanently and I am happy with that considering there are tons of restaurants, the F train is a good line to be on and I have a huge room. Even though Billyburg is a great neighbourhood, the place was not so much. I feel more settled now, time to redecorate!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Fab Combo

H&M announced that it bought a 60 percent stake in Fabric Scandinavian, the Swedish company that makes Cheap Monday jeans.

Woo hoo, this combination is utterly fab!!! Love H&M, love Cheap Mondays and their super skinny and sky scraper jeans!! Fits like a glove!!! Wonder what'll happen to the Cheap Mondays at Urban Outfitters...will they pull?


I am so homesick it makes me hurt. I don't really like my new place so I'm on the move, again. Supposedly this is a normal doing in this nutty city b/c so many apartments are shit but what a pain. God, I just want to go to T.O. for like 1 weekend, see my friends, eat my mom's food, see white, pretty snow and veg and then I'll be all rejuvenated and well again!

Supposedly this feeling is normal, this feeling of, "What the fuck did I just do to my life!!!" Everyone says they've been through it and it takes a good 6 months to a year to fully, I'm only at 2 months...a year is far away. This is one hard ass city to move to!

Plus, my birthday is really, really soon and I have like 4 people to celebrate with...I should've flown home for my bday! Oh well, guess there's nowhere to go but up since I'm at the very bottom. And, I'm getting my haircut today so maybe pretty hair will make me feel better.

Drive safe in T.O. heard you're getting another 30 cm...goddamn! Sunny and beautiful here in NY...not that I'm rubbing it in.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Moving Day

Today is moving day, finally. Was supposed to be yesterday but due to the inconceivable incompetence of the the U.S. postal service/courier service, that didn't happen. But today is going to be a good day, I can feel it. I am officially moving to the hipster mecca of the world, where they were created and where all others flock to. Oh well, at least it'll be fun and there's tons and tons of stuff to do, especially in the summer. Now I just have to date guys that are ironic, pretentious and have beards...wait I already do that. Great, looks like I just may fit in.

I know this may sound unbelievable but seriously, in all the subway stops I've been to in NY I've never seen one as busy as the Bedford L, officially my stop now. You can literally see the crowd changing as you get closer to BK, from normalcy to irony.

McCarren Park - huge empty pool where they throw parties in the summer and where bands like Band of Horses, BSS, Bloc Party, Beastie Boys, etc. play for free.

They also play huge games of dodgeball - I'm playing!

Monday, March 3, 2008


I had a bad day and I'm homesick and I want to go home, as in Toronto, not NY home. Uhhh, I hate days like this. Work was hell, life was hell, I'm tired, I still need 1 more day to recuperate from the weekend and I think my eating disorder is back.

I just need like 3 days back home and I'll be ripe and ready to come back but unfortunately I can't go home until July for a wedding...sooo far away!! More reason for everyone to come visit me!!!