Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rocking the DEEP Side Part

So I used to be one of those girls that cried when she got her haircut b/c all she liked was long, ass hippy hair. I mean for such a small person, I had A LOT of hair. All you saw half the time was my hair. I loved it!! But, right before NYE this year I decided to chop it off despite all the "no don't do its" and I LOVED it. So last Friday I decided to go to the Bumble and Bumble salon (referral by the one and only Aiks b/c as she put it, "they do all the editorials and fashion week shows so you MUST go), spend a fortune to get my haircut uber, uber short in the back (shorter than a boy) and uber, uber long in the front. 

End result...I LOVE even more than the first time. I'm rocking the DEEP side part and the entire bob thingy in the back that I didn't really like the first time is all gone. I can't believe I ever had long hair and I highly recommend spending a fortune on haircuts! I may do the Agyness Deyn hair next, not the uber short short one but the bit longer one. I love cutting my hair so much now that I can't wait till my next cut. 

Not that anyone cares but it's my blog and I get to write what I want. Plus...no pics b/c I got my camera stolen on NYE. So for those that think I've disappeared into Neverland over here in NYC b/c I have no new albums on Facebook...it's not b/c I've decided to become a hermit, it's b/c I'm ghetto and rather spend my money on haircuts, booze, food and my metro card!! 

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