Sunday, March 16, 2008

My weekend was better than yours...

This weekend was amazing, one that started off on Thursday and ended off fabulously. Friday night I spent some time with my special person watching shitty movies (b/c that's our thing) and crashing out. We then we did brunch on Saturday and since it was the most gorgeous day ever, we shopped and walked all around the East Village. Well he did the shopping, for normal household supplies, I did the holding of such things and the laughing.

I then met up with the lovely Aiko and we wandered all around the city, drooling over all the loveliness to be seen and bought. We ate fabulously cheap congee at Congee Village, found Mayle bags on sale, cried over Rachel Comey shoes and everything else at Stephan Alan and ate grilled Mexican corn on the cob at Cafe Habana. We strolled all over Chinatown, LES, Tribeca and BK. The night then proceeded into drinking wine at my place, then taking the train back into the city. While on the F train, we decided to share my iPOD earphones while dancing and singing the Cure and New Order obviously annoying all around us. Her boyfriend Brian jumped on the train to meet us and we then decided to eat again at Kirin (totally made up name, we just don't know the real name) where we continued to drink plum wine and eat grilled rice balls with Bonito flakes. 

All a blur but I do know that I woke up Sunday afternoon with a huge smile on my face from my uber fabulous weekend. I talked to my moms, my dads and my bro today along with the lovely Anita. All homesickness is gone and I love the city more than ever. It was terribly gorgeous outside, as in I only needed a sweatshirt for a day of walking and everyone was out and about. I enjoyed spending time with all my special NY people this weekend and this will continue as my birthday is Wednesday.

Lots of T.O. peeps here this week. Mark who I'll hopefully see finally is here for work on Tuesday, Rachel flies in on Wednesday. Good times are to be had this week...God sometimes, life is DAMN GOOD!!

*** I know  me and Aiko are losers who have no cameras so we have no pictures to be posted. Sorry, mine got stolen/lost on NYE so until I can afford a new one (which won't be for awhile since I need household items), my verbal descriptions will have to do!! ***

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