Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Babysitters Club

Ok, so I was OBSESSED with this series of books. More so than Sweet Valley Twins, The Sleepover Club (?), etc. My entire family can attest to this. My favourite was Stacy but in reality I loved them all. I need to get my parents to ship me my entire collection so I can reread about 50 in 1 day. The best part is, they have wicked fashion ideas b/c of Claudia Kishi...the artist/80's rockstar!! I remember I used to scour the pages to see what Ann M. Martin's fashion ideas were. She was loving the leggings, flared skirts and pushdown socks at the time. Claudia was more funky and artsy and Stacey was more trendy, off the rack stuff.

I know, I have issues.


purposeful wanderer said...

The Super Specials were my favourites - those girls got into some crazy adventures in babysitting.

Do you remember when Claudia would wear themed oufits? Like the Ms. Frizzle-Magic School Bus inspired one where she dressed up like a trip underwater. She had seashells/sand dollars on her shoes and a blue skirt like the ocean. Or maybe it's just me and I've made a complete ass of myself...

little one said...

hahahaha super specials were the BEST!! my favourite was when they got stranded on the island, 9 o'clock island i think?

i totally remember claudia's themed outfits. she always wore crazy earrings, you know one was a banana while the other would be a monkey. or she used to always paint her dad's dress shirts with a random belt!!

they also always talked about stacey's perm like it was amazing. i personally pictured a poodle and dawn made me nervous with her dumb granola/west coast vibe.

i wish i had been apart of the club...sigh.

i told my friend at work that i want to see what number they're up to now so that i can see what the members are up to. he's like, "you know they're not real right?"