Friday, March 7, 2008


I am so homesick it makes me hurt. I don't really like my new place so I'm on the move, again. Supposedly this is a normal doing in this nutty city b/c so many apartments are shit but what a pain. God, I just want to go to T.O. for like 1 weekend, see my friends, eat my mom's food, see white, pretty snow and veg and then I'll be all rejuvenated and well again!

Supposedly this feeling is normal, this feeling of, "What the fuck did I just do to my life!!!" Everyone says they've been through it and it takes a good 6 months to a year to fully, I'm only at 2 months...a year is far away. This is one hard ass city to move to!

Plus, my birthday is really, really soon and I have like 4 people to celebrate with...I should've flown home for my bday! Oh well, guess there's nowhere to go but up since I'm at the very bottom. And, I'm getting my haircut today so maybe pretty hair will make me feel better.

Drive safe in T.O. heard you're getting another 30 cm...goddamn! Sunny and beautiful here in NY...not that I'm rubbing it in.

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i said i said said...

love you still.
you can do this.
you of all people can.
be strong.
this too shall pass.
that's what people say.