Friday, March 28, 2008

A Little Piece of Home & Daily Convo ... March 27

I just found out my oldest, BF guy friend is coming to visit me in May with his GF and they'll be staying with me in my spare bedroom!! Yeah, I couldn't be happier, I love guests and I'm FINALLY going to be able to eat at La Esquina (his recommendation)!!!

Last night was Thirsty Thursday as we call it at work. I went to a place I would never go to in an area I wouldn't be caught dead in ... Upper East Side...but I had super fun b/c my coworkers are super fun. I even played beer pong and flip cup (American college games) and did shots of, that's right, shots of beer. Then on the subway ride home we played ESPN trivial pursuit. Now it's Freak-Out Friday b/c everyone's tired and hungover.

I am going to sit on my couch this weekend and watch my Netflix copies of the Wire and pack for Vegas. I just found out I'm taking the red eye out on Thursday at 11:45 pm and get in on Friday at 7:45! Shoot me now, please!

Janet: Is it happy hour here?

Talia: Not sure but they do have bucket of beer.

Janet: Oh really? They pour the beer in a bucket? (Turn to see it's bottles of beer in a bucket)

Talia: Hahaha, how could you think that, that's disgusting! We should get a bucket of vodka.

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