Monday, March 24, 2008

And the Beat Goes On

So my birthday celebrations are over and thank God, I don't know how much more I could've handled. All was amazing and lovely. Wednesday started with a wonderful birthday/moving party at work complete with a funfetti cake and tons of gifts for my new abode. Rachel visited me and we met up with Aiko for happy hour drinks which lead to the MOST DELICIOUS dinner at Mercer Kitchen. I hate duck, ate the duck confit that Aiko had, delicious and I had the most wonderful scallops with homemade ravioli with this pea vinagrette, God, amazing!!! This eventually lead to even more drinks at a bar near my place in BK and finally bed at 3.

Obviously I had to get up for work the next day where I proceeded to do nothing!! Rach came to meet me again and we went for Korean BBQ. We were "supposed" to go out but I literally couldn't get up after my nap. Even my special person was texting me and I was obliviously replying with gibberish and he couldn't even get my ass up!

Friday, me and Rach go to Clinton Street Bakery and have THE MOST AMAZING (dead serious) brunch/lunch ever. I mean it had a 1.5 hour wait on a Friday so we put our names down, walked around LES and came back to eat. We continued to shop and in the evening, went to meet my cousin and friends for a night of fun at Congee Village. Ok, so those that don't know, Koreans, Chinese and Japanese all have a version of this rice porridge. Literally boiled rice for a long time. Our parents all make it for us when we're sick. Anyways, we ate delicious, real authentic food that was crazy cheap. That proceeded to drinks at the Dressing Room...1/3 bar, 1/3 store, 1/3 vintage store. It was nuts as more people joined and somehow, this turned into me at 7:30 in the morning buzzing Rach to let me back into my apt.

So obviously I wanted to do nothing but sleep on Saturday but since it was Rach's last day, I wanted so desperately to show her around my hood. So we did breakfast, and took a LONG walk around Park Slope gazing at all the dogs and babies. Unfortunately I then had to say adieu to Rach as she was heading home. I was supposed to go out with my special person but he bailed b/c he was feeling under the weather. I got a little upset but decided to say whatever b/c I realized that staying in would be good for my body and bank account.

Well, yeah didn't really turn out that way. Ended up meeting my friend Ramon at Waverly Inn (yes that one) where we proceeded to down many Bellini martinis. We then decided to make our way over to Beatrice Inn (yes that one) hoping to get in which we did with no problem at all...surprise, surprise with those asshole bouncers. We danced till our little hearts were content and then danced some more back in his apartment. The night was great and both places were super fun and once again ended up to me coming home when the sun came up.

As you can imagine I was beat on Sunday but I loved every moment of my bday week/end. I ate the most delicious food...seriously everyone must go to all 3 places I mentioned and go to all the bars I mentioned (and no, I wasn't name dropping either, I seriously didn't think we'd get into Beatrice).

I am loving my life in NYC more and more and am grateful to know all the lovely people that I do. Pics will come soon as Rach posts them!! Hope everyone had a great long weekend (wasn't one here) and had a Happy Easter. The only thing that could've made it better for me would've been dinner with my family for Easter. Guess you can't have it all?

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purposeful wanderer said...

Easter lunch was delicious, but by the sounds of it, you had a pretty good weekend. Happy belated!