Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When I Reopen My Eyes I'll be Gone

Leaving tonight at midnight for Tel Aviv, will be there until July 4th. Will then be in my lovely Toronto from July 10th-15th. Can't wait for it all!!!

Will be on/offline sporadically for the next couple of weeks. I think my trip to the Holy Land will help me reassess things in my life...people, life, career, etc. I always feel like I'm reassessing but sometimes, it's needed and what better place to do it than by floating in the Dead Sea. Who knows, I may even find my faith, highly unlikely but maybe, you never know!

While I'm gone go adopt a polar bear please, they're in great peril. These are great gifts, I bought one for a special person last Christmas and I loved giving it, hopefully he loved receiving it just as much. It'll make you feel all warm and cuddly inside. FYI - you won't actually get one in the mail, I was upset when I found that out. BUT you do get a certificate with your name on it and a cute little stuffed animal.


Wish you were all coming with me!!! Wish me safe and happy travels!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Finds/Loves

Shopping is always fun and I've discovered/bought a couple of new loves:
  • Acne boyfriend jeans, so, so, so, baggy and odd to wear after skin tight skinny jeans but love the bagginess around the ass and how it gets all tapered and tight into cuffs at the bottom
  • Kate Moss for Top Shop silk teal dress
  • Rogan for Target white and black leopard print shorts
I've also decided to become a cheesy prepster this summer polo button down shirts and sperry topsiders and all. Boat shoes on hipsters...not so cool, boat shoes on real prepsters...awesome.

This woman below is amazing and I also love the photo with the bridge in the background and the jutted out patio roof that envelops her like an umbrella. She's not dressed outlandish or incredibly beautiful, it just suits her and I really love. This is a little piece of heaven for me from my fav. daily blog, The Sartorialist. He is God.

Random Convos with the Old Man

All done via text obviously!!

E: I'm in Mexico City, I get back tomorrow. 
J: What? Did I text you last night asking or something? I don't remember?
E: Wow.
J: You didn't answer my question. I don't remember did I?
E: Wow.
J: Whatever I'm old.
E: Yes.
J: But you're older.
E: Yes.

Um, wtf is that conversation? That is literally the gist of our texting conversations EVERY GODDAMN TIME. I ONLY text but this is why texting sucks balls! I have no clue what that means and usually about 99% of the time that the two of us text each other, we really have no clue what the other is talking about. I'm surprised the texting has even lasted this long and that neither of us hasn't blown the other's head off. I guess I really do have more patience than I thought.

Israel in less than a week, don't be jealous my darlings.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Love My Job

So I am going to Tel Aviv for work from June 24th - July 4th. I just got my papers from my Visa program so I officially have permission to leave the country!!! Woo hoo!! I am sooo excited. I am going to see a client there and some new business with the president of my company. Much of the time is spent touring, beaching and recreation...his words not mine!!!

This to me is amazing!! I would NEVER be able to afford a trip like this so this for me is a once in a lifetime opportunity!! I get to see Jerusalem, the wailing wall, Masada, old, old, old ancient ruins and the Dead Sea!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, everyone keeps telling me that the people in Israel are the most gorgeous people ever, men and women. All tall, thin and olive skinned, I may never come home!!! I am so excited I am bursting!!! I can't wait to eat real middle eastern food, lie on the beach and take hikes along the ruins. This is soo me, the last time I went to Greece the ruins made me choose Art History as my major in University...LOVE!! Oh yeah and also drink tons and tons of wine. I am one lucky biatch I must admit!

Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv 2
Dead Sea
Wailing Wall

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

223 13th St.., #15, Brooklyn, NY 11215

If you come visit me, I promise, promise, promise to take a polaroid of you and post it on my wall/refrigerator of fame along with my mom's note and any wedding invitations I may have at the time. I know tempting isn't it? You know you all want to.

On a side note - my mommy told me she misses my face. I last saw them on January 11th so it's been about 5 months. I bet all of that missing will vanish once she's stuck with me for about 10 minutes...ha!

P.S. - danka to the lovely yessica for her ingenious idea.

Monday, June 9, 2008

New Love

Landmark Bicycles in the East Village has a Schwinn Collegiate, 3 Speed, pedal and handle brakes with a teeny 16" frame with my name ALL OVER IT!!! It's apparently a pretty blue colour just like my old bike in T.O. I haven't seen it yet but I can feel the joy it'll bring already. I'm assuming it will look a lot like the one below. Now I just gotta find people to ride with, oh that's right, I didnt' have any to ride with in T.O. either so I guess no difference. Can't wait to have the nasty, smelly, smoggy NY, BK air in my face and hair.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

OMG I am Melting

OMG I CANNOT believe how hot it is here. It reached like 95 degrees this weekend but 95 here is hotter than anywhere else b/c there is NO RELIEF!!! Yesterday woke up for brunch in Williamsburg and sat INSIDE b/c of the need for AC. Then walked around and died, melted, cried and complained. 

Eventually made it back home a sweaty, sticky mess and still decided to go out b/c, hey, why the hell not. Well The Rub party didn't plan out so we went to a random bar in Greenpoint b/c friends new other friends who were djing. Aiko randomly had to borrow my ID b/c she forgot hers, hilarious!! We were only like 2 people apart and they didn't notice. Goddamn stereotype that all asians look the same works out sometimes.

Now going to a move, the Strangers b/c it's nice and cold in a theatre. I have one AC unit in my bedroom and I've draped myself all over it all day. I've taken one step outside, well I did wake up at 4 and in that 5 minutes to the store I wanted to kill myself. 

Isn't it amazing how much a 4'11.5," 90 pounder hates the heat. I do not do well with heat unless there is a pool or a nice breeze. Uhhh, I may die this summer, DIE!!

Hope everyone had a blast in the heat wave. xoxo