Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When I Reopen My Eyes I'll be Gone

Leaving tonight at midnight for Tel Aviv, will be there until July 4th. Will then be in my lovely Toronto from July 10th-15th. Can't wait for it all!!!

Will be on/offline sporadically for the next couple of weeks. I think my trip to the Holy Land will help me reassess things in my life...people, life, career, etc. I always feel like I'm reassessing but sometimes, it's needed and what better place to do it than by floating in the Dead Sea. Who knows, I may even find my faith, highly unlikely but maybe, you never know!

While I'm gone go adopt a polar bear please, they're in great peril. These are great gifts, I bought one for a special person last Christmas and I loved giving it, hopefully he loved receiving it just as much. It'll make you feel all warm and cuddly inside. FYI - you won't actually get one in the mail, I was upset when I found that out. BUT you do get a certificate with your name on it and a cute little stuffed animal.


Wish you were all coming with me!!! Wish me safe and happy travels!!

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