Saturday, July 5, 2008

Around, Around the Circle We Go

So I'm back from my 10 day jaunt to the holy land, well not mine since I'm an atheist but you get what I mean. After surviving the craziest security ever on the airplane I finally made it there and back. I stayed at a beachy, resorty, retirementy city called Netanya about 30 minutes outside Tel Aviv. I only went to Tel Aviv two times which upsets me because I wanted to see the nightlife and shopping. I also took jaunts into Jerusalem and the Dead Sea area.

Being in Israel made me more adamant on my political views and even though I have many, many, many issues with the state itself, it's politics, it's actions, etc. I understand why they are so patriotic and you can see and feel the passion and love they have for their nation and religion. I learned a lot about the history around Israel and about all the pain and suffering that still continues to this day. The day after we were in Jerusalem, there was another terrorist attack. An Arab stole a tractor and tried to drive it into the open market but a bus got in the way, flipped the tractor and it rolled on top of numerous cars killing about 5 and injuring many, many more. I don't know how to solve it nor do I think I will see any peace during my lifetime but obviously, in my opinion, what they're doing is not working. Attacking, retaliating, persecuting, continuing hate is not solving any matters. Who knows, this war has been raging for thousands and thousands of years so maybe it's just the way of the land.

Anyways, enough about history, let's focus on fun stuff. Netanya was beautiful, chilled and relaxing. Went to the town square a lot, ate amazing Morrocan food and falafels, had more hummus than anyone should ever eat and beached and pooled it many a hours.

Jerusalem is so amazingly cosmopolitan it's nuts. The Old City is incredible and I went to the Western/Wailing Wall and saw the tunnels under it that are 6 stories high. I didn't touch the wall just because I thought it would be sacreligious but it was interesting to see all of the different religions so closely intertwined. Dead Sea was incredibly hot, like 40 degrees in the shade hot ... well it is the desert. I got to ride a camel and obviously floated which everyone really should do, it's so weird.

Anyways, there is much, much more to say about the trip so I will revisit with little snippets here and there. I promise to post pics later, I'm jetlagged, can't sleep in and force myself to go to bed at a normal time so I am extremely dazed.

Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July!!! Hope everyone had a great couple of weeks.

Peace in the Middle East - xo

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