Thursday, July 17, 2008


Went home from Thurs. - Tues. of last week. While being home I got to hang out with my bestest of friends over many, many and I mean MANY drinks. I got to see one of my oldest and bestest guy friend get married at a pure gong/shit show of a wedding and celebrated many birthdays. The weekend was tiring, exhausting actually, expensive and uber fun!!! It also involved many gut-wrenching, hyena-like, hysterical laughs!!!

Thanks to all who made it out to see many at least once!!! Thanks again Michelle for playing a lovely host!! Being home reaffirmed that no matter how much this city gets me down, no matter how broke, lonely and desolate I feel, that I made the right and best decision. I love TO, I will end up and live forever in TO but right now NY is my home.

On that note...

I am moving YET again. Roommate situation - he broke up with his girlfriend, wanted to move back in but didn't, realized the place was too small for 2 people, realized he may hate NY, etc., etc. has more or less caused me to start looking for a new apartment. I decided to grasp this opportunity and maybe live in a place I've always wanted to, the East Village - Alphabet City to be exact, which I like better than LES, better than Williamsburg, better SOHO, better than anywhere actually. After looking at some shitty apartments, a VERY SMALL 350 sq. ft. studio in the BK I've decided to accept an offer to live in a 3 bedroom with MY VERY OWN BATHROOM at Ave. C and E7th. I will have one male and one female roommate and an abundance of restaurants, bars, parks, etc. I also have 3 subways I can take - what sucks is that each one is about a 10 minute walk, I definitely will miss my 2 minutes in BK.

Even though I have 2 roommates now, I live further from the subway, I figured that I have to live in Manhattan for at least 1 year while I do live here and I live closer to the very few friends I do have!!! Everyone can still come visit, I'll have an air mattress waiting ;)

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