Monday, July 28, 2008

Lazy Weekends in NYC

Friday started off lovely, spent the day with an amazing colleague/friend who was visiting from LA. He wanted to introduce me to some of his NY peeps. I got to learn more about my friend who I've learned is an amazing soul, more so than I already knew. One who has been through so much in his life but has overcome all to become this genuine, kind, light-hearted person who I feel fortunate enough to cross paths with. Reminds me so much of another special person in my life due to their optimistic views on spirituality and life and also the way they see beauty in art, music, fashion and design. Being such a cynical person in life, it is important for me to be around such people to keep me challenged and on my toes.

Anyways, we started out with my introduction to Pinkberry (yes, I hadn't had it before), then talking on a stoop, then to his friend's apt, then to a random friend pick up from the street, onto a bench in Tompkins, to another friend's apt, to pizza, then back to 2nd friend's apt., to balcony yelling and spying, to gelato, back to 2nd apt., then to see The Wackness (2 out of 5*s), then finally hometime. It was the most perfect NYC day. Days that are spent really doing everything but doing nothing, where friends meet up, leave to do other things, then meet back up again. That's how my life has become here, just going with the flow with no real plans and never really doing anything. It's amazing and I feel that you can really only do that here b/c there is constantly stuff to do and see and learn no matter how long you've been here. Plus, all of this was done sober, which is a BIG step for me.

Anways, all of these friends are 1-2 years older than me and doing all of these amazing things with their lives, more so than me. It's funny b/c my brother asked me last time I was home if I got intimidated. I said no, b/c almost everyone in NYC is doing something and is someone so you kind of get used to it. He said true since NYC is definitely not a place for the faint of heart, it breeds the best of the best and only the true will survive...ha!!

The ultimate ending to my weekend was going to see Dark Knight last night. After all the hype I'll tell you this, I was definitely NOT disappointed and actually feel like seeing it again which I may on Wednesday. Heath Ledger...INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! I'm so happy that they were able to finish filming before his unkindly death b/c there is NO WAY someone could've filled those shoes.

So a great, sober, cheap weekend was had and was much enjoyed by myself. I met great new people, saw an amazing film, packed up most of my apartment and discovered some amazing new music thanks to my new friend. I'm a bit too lazy to discover music by myself these days and am usually told what I would like by JW and now by JB. So I am officially obsessed with: The Chromatics, Kyte, The Blow and Air France.

Hope it was as amazing and lazy for everyone else as it was for me.


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