Thursday, August 14, 2008

And I'm Back

So sorry, too much has been going on in my life as of late but I'm back to happily blogging about it again. I moved into the new apartment and things fit amazingly well. I love the area, I can walk to all my favorite places and friends and having my own bathroom again pretty much kicks ass. A little loud since my window faces the street of Avenue C but it doesn't really bother me. Plus, I now officially have exposed brick walls which is the ONE MAJOR thing I've always wanted since moving to NY.

The city's still hot, humid, expensive, crazy and abusive. I've been spending literally ALL my time with a new, special person who is goofy, fun and adoring. Work is wonderful and a big pain at the same time and I still miss my friends and family dearly but it's getting easier with everyday that passes. I went to Rock the Bells, got to see Jay, Meth & Red, Talib Kweli, Nas and literally every other hip hop artist to ever grace the face of this earth. Was an experience. Didn't go to Yacht Rock b/c I was being lame and never found my love from the train but obviously got over it. BUT I have been shopping like a mad women at sample sales ... especially the E&J one so this must stop but can't b/c Barney's annual sale starts NOW!

Things are kicking going into August. Would still love some visitors and the Polaroid fridge has moved to a Polaroid magnet wall so please come one, come all!!! Hope all is well in everyone's land.

I leave you with this, just b/c I'm sad that there will be no more books.

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