Friday, August 29, 2008

Labour of Summer

So it's here, the end of summer as we all know it. The last long weekend and I can't say that I'm too upset mainly because I'm totally over my allergies which have been the worst ever. My first summer in NY was amazing even though I didn't get to do even half the stuff on my list but I did enjoy every minute. I also got to go to Israel and see amazing sites, I met amazing new friends, had tons of inappropriate party/dancing nights and met a lovely new special person whom I adore.

I have lovely friends here from T.O. and my lovely Jessica will also be attending weekend festivities.

Have a safe and amazing holiday!

However, if I was in T.O. I'd be going here...Krista's cottage by the lake but instead I'll be in stinky, smelly NY, which I guess really isn't that bad.

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