Monday, August 25, 2008

We'll walk around, Pretending we're all grown up, Hey, Rich Girl!

My weekend in a few short notes:
  • Boyfriend checks us into 60 Thompson Hotel
  • 3 story private loft party in SOHO at bf's best friend's office space with only like 50 people
  • Private party was for Ryan McGinley's welcome home from his 3rd annual road trip for some NY magazine that I can't remember
  • Midnight acoustic set by the Virgins
  • Meeting and handshaking of MK (yes, that MK) - intro courtesy of my lovely bf
  • Rocking out on a rooftop with an open bar with 3 gfs, my bf, his friends and MK
  • Sitting on a couch for 30 min. beside MK and dancing beside her
  • Being too shy to say anything to MK but, "Hi, I'm Janet, nice to meet you."
This weekend was tres, tres, fun. I gave up the Hamptons for this and it was 100% worth it. The party was intimate, perfect and amazing. And yes, I'm embarrassingly that obsessed with MK - maybe it's b/c we're the same height/weight/size or b/c we're usually on the same style wavelength? No clue but I like her. I was more excited to see her than hear The Virgins or meet the photog, probably b/c I had no clue who he was but supposedly I should. He just sold one of his pics to Sigur Ros for the cover of their new album but to me, he's my bf's friend from when he was like 10, his old skater buddy who was his roommate in shitty NY apts throughout college - that's all.

Hope you guys had a blast this weekend too. 

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