Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hometime Tomorrow Time

In ONE MORE SLEEP I get to go back to the ones I love and adore. I haven't seen my mama and dada and bro in 6 WHOLE MONTHS!!! Yesterday was my 6 month anniversary of moving to the Big Apple so I feel it's a great way to celebrate this big accomplishment. Even though I've had many loved ones visit me here, many more haven't so I'm uber excited.

I have: birthdays to celebrate, memories to be rehashed, new gossip to be heard and told, a wedding to attend, drinks to be drunk, sun to soak in and just plain old catching up and glowing in the love that will surround me in the next couple of days.

This comes at a perfect time since I may have to move, again, due to my roommate breaking up with his GF and now wanting to possibly have the apartment to himself and I know it may not sound like a big deal but moving in this goddamn city is a BIATCH!!!! Ahhhh, to remember the remember the times when my life was so simple back in T.Dot.

FYI - I have a new crush developing and we chatted on the phone for about 30 minutes last night...something I haven't done since I was about 19 ... about 10 years ago. He is lovely and I just can't figure out yet if he's just genuinely nice or interested??? Guess we'll find out. I feel like a school girl rather than the jaded, cynical, commitment-phobic, whatever woman that I usually am.

Yeah to all you lovelies that live there, see you soon!!! My fun-filled, drunken, tiring week/end will be starting at my fav bar/black hole .... Beaconsfield!!! Stop by!

P.S. - I am a karaoke machine!!! Have you ever seen so much passion???!!! This to one of the karaoke greats...Journey. I may just quit all extracurricular activities and do karaoke 24/7. I am Asian you know, it's in my blood, there's no stopping it!!

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purposeful wanderer said...

ahahaha...don't stop believing!