Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random Convos with the Old Man

All done via text obviously!!

E: I'm in Mexico City, I get back tomorrow. 
J: What? Did I text you last night asking or something? I don't remember?
E: Wow.
J: You didn't answer my question. I don't remember did I?
E: Wow.
J: Whatever I'm old.
E: Yes.
J: But you're older.
E: Yes.

Um, wtf is that conversation? That is literally the gist of our texting conversations EVERY GODDAMN TIME. I ONLY text but this is why texting sucks balls! I have no clue what that means and usually about 99% of the time that the two of us text each other, we really have no clue what the other is talking about. I'm surprised the texting has even lasted this long and that neither of us hasn't blown the other's head off. I guess I really do have more patience than I thought.

Israel in less than a week, don't be jealous my darlings.

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