Sunday, June 8, 2008

OMG I am Melting

OMG I CANNOT believe how hot it is here. It reached like 95 degrees this weekend but 95 here is hotter than anywhere else b/c there is NO RELIEF!!! Yesterday woke up for brunch in Williamsburg and sat INSIDE b/c of the need for AC. Then walked around and died, melted, cried and complained. 

Eventually made it back home a sweaty, sticky mess and still decided to go out b/c, hey, why the hell not. Well The Rub party didn't plan out so we went to a random bar in Greenpoint b/c friends new other friends who were djing. Aiko randomly had to borrow my ID b/c she forgot hers, hilarious!! We were only like 2 people apart and they didn't notice. Goddamn stereotype that all asians look the same works out sometimes.

Now going to a move, the Strangers b/c it's nice and cold in a theatre. I have one AC unit in my bedroom and I've draped myself all over it all day. I've taken one step outside, well I did wake up at 4 and in that 5 minutes to the store I wanted to kill myself. 

Isn't it amazing how much a 4'11.5," 90 pounder hates the heat. I do not do well with heat unless there is a pool or a nice breeze. Uhhh, I may die this summer, DIE!!

Hope everyone had a blast in the heat wave. xoxo 


purposeful wanderer said...

There is a woman in my office who wears her coat when she goes outside for a smoke so her clothes won't smell. Her coats vary in style from knee length quilted winter coats to short puffy jackets with fur hoods. It's scoarching hot outside and there she is, smoking in her coat. One day she is going to burst into flames.

little one said...

that's the most hideous story i've ever heard and the picture that is envisioned in my mind now is disturbing.

i am not good with heat at all and i know it's hot in TO but for some reason, it feels so much hotter here, probably b/c of the lack of CENTRAL AC which i will NEVER take for granted again.

i can barely breathe let alone smoke in the heat. poor, disturbed woman.