Monday, May 19, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I'm doing some spring cleaning of my personal life. This means unreliable, bad and just stupid people are no longer going to be apart of my life. Time to say bye, bye!!! I am only going to surround myself with good people. Ok, not saying I'm cutting them 100% out of my life but not caring as much, not depending, wondering, etc. 

This makes me feel great and awesome. Going home to TO in a month with the help of amazing friends and a fundraising group on Facebook, hopefully going to the LA office for a mini exchange, visiting family and HOPEFULLY going to London/Europe to visit a friends maybe in the fall. This is all under the term "hopeful" b/c I'm hoping that I will be able to save money for all.

On a side note, my visa ends in April so I've decided to apply for an H1-B visa in April b/c oddly enough, PR is a "desired" profession here in the US of A. This visa will be good for 6 years so maybe after the 6 or even before I'll finally be ready for hometime, as in TO hometime but you never know what can happen in 6 years. Plus, this visa has a quota, last year it opened on April 1st, the quota was set for 65,000 and this was hit at April 2nd when they had to close it so then it became a lottery so in reality, my chances aren't 100%. 

Weekend was fun, great, tiring and accompanied with great people. One of my oldest friends and his GF came to visit. We ate good food, walked a lot, shopped a lot, drank a lot and just had general GTs. This Monday is my first official American holiday, totally excited.

Happy belated Victoria Day to my Canadian peeps!!! 95% of my time is still lovely and beautiful here while the other 5% is wrought with anxiety, lonliness and a general state of "what the fuck did I just do?!" I got about 6 more months until I'm supposed to feel truly settled, can't wait.

Be well my friends! xo 

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