Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Met Costume Institute Gala

Every year I get super excited about the Met's Costume Institute Gala b/c this is wear all the really daring and eccentric stars shine with their fashion choices. So this morning, I eagerly went online to check out the photos and was SADLY DISAPPOINTED!! This year the theme was Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy but I definitely did not see any superheroes or anything that brought me into a fantasy.

Below are the only ones that I could BARELY stand. Love Posh's vintage Armani, Ashley's DVF is stunning, MK's I'm torn on, Kate - on the money, can never go wrong with vintage Chanel (ask Kirsten Dunst) and Christina Ricci was golden (haven't figured out yet who she wore).

J.Lo looked hideous as did Katie Holmes, Beyonce's a stupid dog as always in the same dresses she always wears, Fergie looked like a mack truck in that hideous gown, Eva Mendez doesn't need to exist anymore in my life and DON'T GET ME STARTED ON SCAR JO!! And what the hell were Hilary Duff and Blake Lively doing there??? I'm so confused and distraught. The supposed FASHION EVENT of the year did not live up to my expectations as in the past where it has met and even surpassed them.



purposeful wanderer said...

The Olsen twins looked their best in their Full House days when they had pig tails and there was only one of them to worry about at a time. I'm probably way off, but that gold disaster looks oddly familiar...kind of like the gigantic floor-length Missoni dress that one of them wore on a red carpet a few weeks back.

little one said...

hahaha @ "when there was only one of them to worry about at the time."

i know my obsession with the olsen thing is really quite weird and embarrassing, maybe i should just stop announcing it. i think it has to do with the skinny short person with big head thing that i'm somewhat familiar with.

i saw the gold dress in full view and it's literally a sack. MK is usually only 30% of the time on the ball but at least she isn't mundane. ashley i tend to love her style way more.

claudia, vm. said...

posh should stick with looking like a vampire, that white dress and classic red lip looks tranny on her.

the olsen in the black looks ace, i want that dress.

i will have to do some research to see the hideous disasters you speak of, but over all, yes, disappointment.

claudia, vm. said...

ps i prefer ricci with more meat, no?

little one said...

look up jessica stam, she has moved into my favourite position. besides the fact that she's impeccable, she wore short with hot shoes.

yeah i love the black olsen dress, it reminds me of something that they kind of made for their "cheaper" line elizabeth and james.

ricci - totally anorexic. i don't understand what happened to her, she doesn't even look like herself anymore. but i really do love her dress.

claudia, vm said...

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