Monday, May 5, 2008


Spent a lazy Sunday in the city yesterday. It was supposed to piss rain all day but was beautiful, sunny and hot. Woke up around 9:00 am and went down to Animal Haven to an event that my work was volunteering at, "Adopt a Pet." Sooo cute, the little doggies, wish I could have one. Then met my friend M for CHEAP sushi and after, just walked and walked all around the city. Seriously though, NOTHING is better than walking around NYC on a warm spring day, NOTHING!!

Went to Tokio 7, which I found thanks to Aiko. It has tons of designer vintage for a 1/4 of the real price. I ended up snagging a pair of 4" blue Manolo Blahniks for only $80!!!Totally hot with tons of toe cleavage ... problem is walking. We then continued to walk around and around until our little feet and hearts were tuckered out. I then went to go see my special person for a lovely evening.

Even though rehab is boring, I feel rested, rejuvenated and as fresh as morning dew (FYI: there is no morning dew in NY). Great weekend was had by me with tons of great deals and finds. Hope all is well wherever you are.


claudia, vm. said...

well post the shoes, will you?!
naughty naughty tease...

little one said...

will post ASAP! how come i can't read your blog anymore? i spend my days reading my daily blogs at work and now i am one less. :(