Saturday, May 3, 2008


So I was lazily walking around the Slope, Park Slope that is when I stopped by the neighbourhood, weekend flea market. After walking around, I stumbled upon a random table with all random finds. I see a Polaroid camera, the One-Step 600 to be exact and ask how much. He tells me $5 I ask if it still works, he says yes, I ask if he has film, he says no and I buy either way. I know that supposedly Polaroid film is now hard to find b/c of it's imminent extinction but I felt why not and if I seriously can't find film, at least I'll have a piece of history. The thing is, when I was like 8 and lived in Texas, I begged, begged and begged my parents for a Cool Cam camera for Christmas. I particularly wanted the pink and either grey or green one. So a couple of days before Christmas, I snuck into my parents closet, scaled the wall, crawled across the shelf to find my camera!!! Even though it was red and black I still loved. Then I got caught and got in MAJOR shit!!! Anyways, this camera brings back memories of me being in Texas and loving my life. I know it's "cool" and all to have one but seriously, I couldn't find my old one so it's brings back a bunch of nostalgia for me.

Anyways, on with the story, so I start walking around the Slope going to random camera stores that are all like, "oh no, good luck with that, those are impossible to find now, we just sold our last boxes, etc." So finally I go into a Rite Aid and low and behold, there are about 20 boxes. So I immediately text my friend J who had mentioned his desire to find some film but can't in T.O. and buy him a couple of boxes and some for myself. On the way home I go to another Rite Aid to pick up a prescription and low and behold, there are about 20 more boxes. The bounty is abundant!!!

Lesson to be learned...just go into a normal store, that sells to normal people and there you go, there will be tons and tons of film. Well at least until they run out but seriously, I found lots. Sometimes I'm grateful I'm not "cool." Makes life so much easier to be normal no? 

Have a great weekend all. I'm in rehab and I'm bored as hell so I may relapse and go out tonight...who knows, we'll see. I'm seeing my special person tomorrow and doing something TOTALLY NOT me that is unmentionable so I may need to gear up and ready my brain for this.

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