Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Love My Job

So I am going to Tel Aviv for work from June 24th - July 4th. I just got my papers from my Visa program so I officially have permission to leave the country!!! Woo hoo!! I am sooo excited. I am going to see a client there and some new business with the president of my company. Much of the time is spent touring, beaching and recreation...his words not mine!!!

This to me is amazing!! I would NEVER be able to afford a trip like this so this for me is a once in a lifetime opportunity!! I get to see Jerusalem, the wailing wall, Masada, old, old, old ancient ruins and the Dead Sea!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, everyone keeps telling me that the people in Israel are the most gorgeous people ever, men and women. All tall, thin and olive skinned, I may never come home!!! I am so excited I am bursting!!! I can't wait to eat real middle eastern food, lie on the beach and take hikes along the ruins. This is soo me, the last time I went to Greece the ruins made me choose Art History as my major in University...LOVE!! Oh yeah and also drink tons and tons of wine. I am one lucky biatch I must admit!

Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv 2
Dead Sea
Wailing Wall

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purposeful wanderer said...

You picked the exact time that I was planning to drop in and have my polaroid taken for your wall. It sounds like a great trip and I am extremely jealous. You are a lucky little one indeed!