Friday, March 28, 2008

Birthday Note from Ma Mere

She's too cute, this is complete with all of the language barriers, not spelling or grammatical errors, completely how it's written:

Janet read it please...hahaha...

1. Keep up the good health
2. Good (wise) money management
3. Get a boyfriend o.k.? (1-warm heart, 2-good job, 3-good health, 4-good Christian, 5-happy family and good relationship, 6-love each other)

I hope you will be a nice and humble person and be a success woman. I'm always love you Janet.

Also in Korean she wrote, Hae Won (my Korean name), your mother lives for you and will always love you. I wish I could find the Korean characters b/c the meaning is beautiful in Korean.

Gotta love the get boyfriend part where she goes into complete detail of what a good guy would be. At least she got over the "you must marry a Korean boy" thing like 10 years ago. 

I seriously have the bestest parents in the world and that note melts my heart b/c I know the poor woman is wrought with worry over her little (literally) baby girl being in bad ass NYC!


i said i said said...

i love her!
now find a good christian boy janet! now now now.
hahah, amazing.

little one said...

LOL, and don't forget how I feel about any institutionalized religion, especially Christianity. How ironic!