Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm Allergic to Middle America

Haven't posted in awhile b/c I've been so busy with work, but a good kind of busy! Just got back from a tradeshow in Vegas which was a big success. I met with a huge, new client who are extremely nice and I am looking forward to working with them. Vegas on the other hand, yeah NOT my cup of tea. Too much cheese, too much extravagance, too much everything. Plus it was too expensive...sorry guys, no clue what the appeal is. I'm sure I would like it much better if I had gone with my friends but the part that annoyed me would still exist.

My Friday was a bit ridonculous. I met up with Laura who was here from T.O. for a weekend for Paulie's bday. We started at Hotel Gansevoort which was so so, typical NYC pretentiousness. I ended up jumping out of cab since they were going the opposite way and somehow ended up at Beatrice, again, by myself for hours. Saturday was recuperation since I was so tired from Friday especially considering I had taken the red eye home that morning.

Ended up talking to lots of my besties from T.O. to catch up on the past couple of weeks and Michelle...seriously stop with the bender, I'm still recuperating from mine in December. Lots of people coming down too for visits...too lovely!!

I have many wants right now, all material things. I haven't shopped in ages...I'm serious. I'm trying to get settled into my home and it's taking all my funds. I need new platforms, new shorts, new jeans, new tops, new bags, new sunglasses, new everything!! God.

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