Thursday, April 17, 2008

I've Declared Myself Weird

This is what happened in my dream last night...

Friend: Hey did you hear Rilo Kiley died last night?
Me: No how did she die? I love her.
Friend: Didn't you know, her mom created her, like Pinocchio.
Me: What? Really?
Friend: Yes, her time expired.

Um, wtf is that? I woke up and was like huh? I think the red wine from last night did this to me. I may be losing my mind.

On a side note, my allergies are absolutely ridiculous, I can't see or breathe and I have a constant drip in only my right nostril and a seasonal cough. I also get season asthma due to my allergies. In TO they would start in August b/c I'm ragweed but I guess I am going to have a whole new set of allergens here in NY. I can't wait...shoot me, seriously, shoot me. I have months ahead of me filled with stuffed up noses, runny noses, congestion, asthma, itchy, watery eyes, dry noses, loss of voice, etc. Yeah I lose my voice too oddly enough. I hate the outdoors. 

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