Friday, April 11, 2008

All These Wants with Little Means

So here's Mary Kate and Ashley (why is MK's name always first) HIGH, VERY HIGH end clothing line line, The Row. I can' t seem to find a Lookbook but that may also be b/c I'm really shitty at looking for stuff. If anyone finds can you please send my way!! Thanks!! I love this so much I may hurt myself.

I bought myself pleather leggings, they are so tight I can barely get them on and off. I think I may be getting a gut which sucks b/c the only way to stop that is to do sit ups which I hate and can't really do.

My cousin's here from T.O. We're all going out. Have a great weekend wherever you are!

1 comment:

i said i said said...

kool vid. smart lil trolls.
as for you getting a gut, hahah keep telling me funny things...not possible.