Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Got a Husband

So I think I've finally recuperated from the weekend which was one of the best weekends ever!! I had a friend come down from NY to stay with me since he was meeting up with his friend from Germany who was in town visiting his aunt. Friday started off with happy hour and the weekend just continued from there and ended going on until Monday morning at 8:00 am when I realized I had yet to sleep and had to go to work.

Highlights of the weekend:

  • Having undercover cops come into Ed's since J had to break in
  • Drinking a 40 in Tompkins Square Park (FYI: I don't drink beer)
  • Not getting the "private party" line
  • Swaying at Sway when it was supposed to be an "early" night
  • Meeting a new German friend who I can visit in Berlin
  • Discovering I have a husband in T.O.
  • Rekindling my friendship with someone I adore and missed

So much fun, sad part is I get really lonely when people leave. Happened with Rachel, happened last weekend and will happen this weekend when my BFF Googs comes. Why can't you all just stay here with me??!!!

Here's some pics...I GUARANTEED had more fun this weekend than ALL of you!!!

xoxo to J & J, come back real soon!

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