Sunday, February 10, 2008

Long time...

It's been awhile but I guess it's true, when I'm happy, I have less to rant and rave about. So I've decided something, I'm over the fashion week party thing. I went to a couple of those open bar party ones...all ho hum!!! All over-rated, all blah. Oh well, at least I went and I conquered.

I think my apartment hunt maybe coming to a close. After seeing numerous BAD places, answering soo many ads, I've seen 2 great possibilities in Greenpoint...just outside the Burg. Roommate hunting in this city is so weir, it's like a dating service!! Sooo weird. Anyways, it's between a super-cute 2 bedroom with 1 female roommate and a uber-cool industrial loft with 2 male roommates. I only met 1 but he was super dope!!

Wish me luck on getting one or the other or even both so that I get the choice!!

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