Monday, January 7, 2008

Let's value the art of writing...


Golden Globe Awards organizers plan to abandon the televised formal ceremony this Sunday and replace it with a press-conference announcement of the winners, according to reports Monday.

The drastic movie is in response to the Screen Actors Guild announcement that its members would not cross picket lines by the Writers Guild of America, effectively leaving the show without any stars.

Seriously people have been out of work since November 6, 2007, just over 2 months. Honestly, all they want is what they justly deserve. The arts have always been under-appreciated (I like to hyphen words).

Plus, we won't get any red carpet viewings. I was looking forward to seeing Angie and Brad sans le babies!! God, a girl can't get anything these days.

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i said i said said...

i think they should get over it, and get back to work.