Saturday, January 19, 2008

2 Koreans, 1 Philipino and 1 Half Japanese

So last night was hilarious. After work I went to go meet my friend Aiko and her friend Mia for drinks. We started off at some random bar where the drinks were $2 for happy hour. We then moved onto Pianos, again and as always, it got packed with LAME ass people but we still obviously had fun as more people joined us. We then left Pianos with another friend of Mia's Vanessa and proceeded to Max Fish. This is where it starts to get interesting. We walk in and everyone literally stopped and stared at us. 

Me: "What the fuck is everyone staring at?"
Vanessa: "It's b/c we're Asian, the Asian fever is everywhere in NY."
Me: "Huh, I heard about this my cousin told me."
Mia: "Well it's crazy nuts here, me and Vanessa usually get mobbed."
Aiko: "Let's get the fuck out of here."

So we continue onto the Dark Room which to me is hilarious because I've been there so many times and have always thought it was called the Dark Horse because I rode a play horse in the corner (don't ask). We had hilarious laughs, stole drinks from the bartender and realized this was also lame and left to go. 

So we go to China One (remember the name b/c this will get ironic). While in the bathroom there are lame ass Jersey people in there so they start smoking and so do we. While one tries to converse with me I kind of brush him off and his friend proceeds to say, "fuck it dude, fuck this SEAWEED!!" So Mia asks, "what the fuck did you just say?" He tries to cover it up saying he said "wee wee." Oh okay, so we leave being mature rather than causing more shit. Outside we start pissing our pants because we got called an asian slur at China One. Plus, none of has ever been called a seaweed!! So then we proceeded to list off all the asian slurs we've been called:
  • Chink, Gook, Nip, etc.
  • Flat nosed chink 
  • Slanty eyes, constantly being asked if we can see or other references to eyes
  • Random people coming up to us saying Lay Ho Ma (or however you spell it)
  • And others that I can't remember, Vanessa had good ones
Funny thing is, growing up in Bolton/Castlemore/Woodbridge area I had heard these slurs very often but haven't had someone call me anything in a very long time, as in years. Their response, welcome to New York.

So, this was the events of a night out in NY with 4 asians. What a dichotomy, you have the asian fever then you have the racial slurs. Although I would never count people from Jersey to really be from New York , they're like what do you say...905ers?!!

Truly hilarious and fun. Off to shop!!

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