Sunday, January 27, 2008

Self Realization?

So last night I was with a friend who had asked me a couple of days before if I had heard of this musician/harpist who's name escapes me right now. I asked last night why since I had no clue who she was. Her response, "because she's playing at my fashion show and it's some lame-ass hipster shit that I thought you'd like."

Um, is this true? Am I what I hate? I mean yes, I am a pretentious fuck. I do think all is lame and I do hate all parties, clubs and especially the way people dress but that's how I've been all my life. It has nothing to do with what is cool or in, I've always been a bitter, cynical, miserable bitch-that's part of my charm.

Oh dear, I think I must go reassess my life and my values, including those I am attracted to. This is hard for me to believe right now.

Side note, go to Wikipedia and search Metric, this is my favourite Wikipedia entry ever for obviously reasons! Long live Emily!! I wish everyone were farmers and knew how to grow sweet potatoes.

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i said i said said...

it's seems sometimes we both are what we hate. i mean i love us, but sometimes we stray to the dark side. it's our comfort though....

ps. i'm going to metric on the 7th and i'll be thinking of you!