Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Every Little Girl's Dream...Well At Least Mine

So Chloe Sevigny, the role model and hipster goddess that every little girl in Williamsburg, Shore Ditch/Hackney and Queen West/Parkdale has been appointed the new "style advisor" of U.K. Elle. Um...what the fuck is a "style advisor?" Oh maybe that means that she really has no journalistic talent (besides doing an internship when she was like 17) so she can't really be an fashion editor or director, OR maybe Elle is just trying to market to a different demographic????
Not too sure how I feel about this. I mean: she's pretty risky and unpredictable when it comes to her fashion choices, she did start off MAJOR trends but really? I mean they invented this job and would never have done so if she wasn't this famous "hipster it girl." Trust me, I love Chloe Sevigny, I think she's AHMAZING, seriously I do. I love her style, her choices, the fact that she was picked off the street for an internship, her knowledge of the history of fashion, the fact that she was a creative director for Imitation of Christ, etc. Guess I'm just bitter b/c it's not like they would ever invent a role for us common folk.

Oh well, it could've been worse, they could've chosen dumbass Sienna Miller who 90% of the time has heinous fashion choices. Plus, Chloe's bro does own the most impossible places to get into in NY...Beatrice Inn...where all the hipsters go to be ironic, cool and high. All the hipsters in the world will be cheering their Red Stripes while wearing their jazz shoes and RayBans.
I kid, good for Elle, move in the right direction. Hopefully it'll pick up their lackluster (IMO) magazine!!!

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