Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Being a Newbie Sucks

So Fashion Week in NY is upon us and there are sooo many parties to attend but unfortunately, I am VERY NEW to this city, as in like 3 weeks and I still don't have too many hook ups. Actually I have a MAJOR hook up but sometimes people don't want to help so oh well.

However, my lovely Aiko has put me on the list for the party on Sunday which will be totally dope and which NY Mag has deemed as one of  "the" parties to be at this week. She is also getting me into the Karen Walker fashion show, if I can only just squeeze out of work b/c this is a MUST!!

Party that I would give my right arm to attend...Alexander Wang after-party at the Annex. Party I would give my right arm to attend...Chloe Sevigny/Opening Ceremony's at Webster Hall. I'm thinking I may chat up my buds at the story the store. 

I have contacted everyone I think can help and hopefully things will pan out. Being new sucks!!! Well at least I can use this opportunity to network my PR ass off!! Now the hard part...deciding what to wear to all these fashionable parties!!! 

Know you were all wishing you were here with me watching the city fill up with 5'10" amazonian, gorgeous models!!!!! xoxoxoxo 

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