Monday, January 7, 2008

Oh how time has passed...

So one of my newest and bestest guy friends is back from his too long winter vacation in Florida. Weird because I was in New York for like 6 weeks but I missed him more in the 1.5 weeks he was gone...must've been the holiday season or maybe b/c I had more to preoccupy my time with in my fair city!!

So much has happened since he's been gone, new hair cut, new outlook on life, new everything! Yeah to being back, yeah to us partying again, yeah to us re-visiting the black hole!!! Oh yeah, and yeah to us having 2008 the year of the prowl!!!

Sunday will be a funday, we'll relive NYE since mine was so heinous!!! Welcome back buddy!!! FYI: you'll love my hair in person!

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