Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Practice Moderation - Correction

So another story of another famous actor pass away due to a "suspected" overdose. Another so lost, another talented actor taken away from us too soon. When you have the whole world in your hands, I guess it's hard to fight all the evils, bad and poison in the world.

Weird how it keeps happening. For some reason every couple of years young Hollywood goes nuts, then something tragic happens, chills out for a bit, then goes nuts again. Guess Heath is the token for our generation, like River Phoenix was for the one before us. Hope all the others, especially the "IT" girls, Winehouse, et. al. will use this as a lesson.

I don't preach but let's practice moderation. Do what you want, when you want but realize the consequences and implications. All I have to say is poor Matilda and Michelle. He was born in year. RIP.

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