Monday, December 10, 2007

My NY Loves

So before I got so rudely deported due to stupid visa reasons, I was able to explore New York the way any non-tourist should. With 2.5 weeks of unemployment, I was able to do things that most can't do when vacationing. I went to the MOMA, checked out the plentiful diners, discovered lovely boutiques, avenues and streets and of course, shopped. These are the loves I discovered...

Daha @ 175 Orchard, just south of East Houston.
I can't even talk about this store as it sends shivers down my spine!! After viewing an amazing apartment, I stumbled upon this vintage shoe store which for me was literally like walking into heaven. I proceeded to scramble to the size 5 section when the owner asked me if I was a 5. I replied yes and she let me know in a sort of whisper about a pair of vintage YSL boots that she had in the back. I gasped and told her to run and grab them and while she was carrying them out in her hand, I already had tears in my eyes, it was a love that I have yet to feel for a real person. LOVE at first sight indeed!!

Whole Foods at East Houston & 2nd Ave. (my 2nd home)

Orchard at East Houston
St. Mark's Place
These boots at Barney's Co-op
This lovely Marc Jacobs bag from Barney's main floor - I touched, I put on my shoulder, I slowly left crying.

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