Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Top 10:
  1. People who do not know the difference between your and you're, their, there and they're, to and too and its and it's.
  2. Journalists that hang up on me when all I'm trying to do is give them a story and help them do their job
  3. Stupid people at the ATM/ABM.
  4. People who think that Public Relations is a party planning, "fun" job - ladies beware, it's literally bitch work, I am a bitch to my clients, to my managers, to journalists, etc. and we receive no credit for what we do. Plus we are called spin doctors so everyone hates us and we get paid shitty for the first 5 years of our career!! (This is all agency side by the way) Screw Samantha Jones for her glamourizing PR!!
  5. Ladies who still wear low-rise, flared/bootcut jeans.
  6. People who wear America Apparel as outfits as opposed to basic items or one-offs and people who copy the mannequins at Urban Outfitters. Doing both these things do not make you cool nor do they give you style!!
  7. People in neon.
  8. People who wear black, horn-rimmed glasses with NO lenses.
  9. People who try to look so different that they end up looking stupid.
  10. People with horseshoes up their asses!

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