Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Loves

I am going to post my loves since I've literally had about 5 people in the past week tell me I'm bitter and way too cynical, so here goes and just to make everyone happy, I'll post more loves than hates even though that's so unrealistic:
  1. Vintage: shoes, boots (especially my vintage YSL boots), heels, bags, jeans, dresses, et. al.
  2. Polar bears (seriously though)
  3. Stars in the sky not the famous, human ones
  4. The moment you realize that it's ALWAYS brains over beauty
  5. Looking at anyone aged between 19-22 and thinking thank God
  6. Trebuchet MS, Verdana and Garmond (yes the fonts in Word)
  7. Track changes in Word
  8. Google searching and Wikipedia
  9. Waking up beside the person you adore, realizing neither of you has anything to do and staying in bed, chit chatting, dozing, etc. for hours on end
  10. Chloe bags
  11. Finishing a tedious article/project and getting an A or being praised by your boss.
  12. Finding your hairdresser
  13. Girls nights actually my girlfriends in general
  14. My family
  15. Chomsky (again, seriously)
  16. Finally finding someone you adore and think is the loveliest human on earth because it gives you faith in the human race
  17. Cat Power (I channel Chan 24/7, well maybe not the nervous breakdown phase)
  18. Tokion and Nylon
  19. New York City
  20. The feeling you get once it all works out because you've had a bad year that's involved: being in jail, losing a license, going into debt, being dumped and getting really hurt, moving countries, getting deported and being homeless for three months. Once it all wraps up, once the year ends, that feeling of survival, of ending is so bittersweet that you recognize that nothing will ever be taken for granted again. Haven't felt it yet but I know it'll feel so good once it all works out.

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