Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Bike, My Dream, My Lost Wingmen

I miss my bike, my beautiful bike that was rusted, with a basket and BMX handlebars where the brakes didn't work. I miss it so much, it was the love of my life this summer as many know and my brother unfortunately sold it when I moved to NY. Booo!!! Everytime I rode it I had a huge smile on my face!!!
This couple is perfection, I want to be them when I grow up!! Well, minus the blond hair and the non-asianness of the woman. But totally the style of both and see, she's little and he's big.

So, so, so many hot Janet-type boys in NY, all dirty, needing a shower and totally unkempt in that way I love so much. According to my cousin, a little Asian like me, liking this certain "type" of guy (the type shall not be named as the type is now an insult) is an anomaly in NY...rumour has it that Asians in NY don't really dig this "type" of boy...hmmm!! Maybe in T.O. too? But alas, I needed a wingman and all of mine were in T.O. but they were still fun to look at indeed.

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