Friday, December 28, 2007

And Life Goes On...

So, Christmas is over and even though I didn't feel like celebrating it, it was fine. Spent time with my family and friends and got to play the new Rock Band which is about 100x better than Guitar Hero. I also got to watch my aunts, uncles and parents play Wii which was awesome!!!

Partied with good friends, drank too much, ate too much, definitely didn't sleep enough and am still working!!! I never got to see one of my friends that was here from New York but I'm okay with that b/c I'm going back (seriously) very soon and something very, very bad happened to a girlfriend of mine so we vented all night on wed. that turned into thurs. but was fun and I love her and she is always good times. I feel her pain but know it'll all work out!!

Anyways, going out with lovely Jessica tonight for some good times!!! I'm feeling better about my life now...yeah!

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i said i said said...

we just got back from wine drinking at sneaky dees, and i love you even more that i did when i entered the place.

i'm happy you're feeling betta.