Monday, December 17, 2007

A date has been predicted

I know I had a date set before, um, yeah that was December 8th but now I have an end in sight. New date and hopefully the last. This is January 10/11 if not sooner!! So I will either be long gone to my love of NY or I will be stuck here with no more NY options processing my work/holiday visa to London. Happy that I have an end in sight. First feeling of happiness in awhile. Whether it works out or not at least there's an end.

I feel great today, not sure why but most likely because I have a date to be "attempting" to go back to NYC!!! I have faith that this will all work out. I was upset and angry last night because I get moody sometimes (always) and now I'm excited about my bright future and my job and could care less about anything else. I think I may be bi-polar, my brother diagnose this when I was very young.

Yeah to me possibly being back in my fair city by the first week of January!!!

For the love of Buddha.

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