Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Your Space

Found this new blog. The Selby is photographer Todd Selby's blog where he photographs his friends and subjects in their homes. Every shot is beautiful and he captures his subjects in a way that isn't as violating as you would think, since he is entering into their homes, a most private space. I love how he captures everyone in their most natural habitat without seeming intrusive - you don't feel like a peeping Tom.

Favorite so far:
  • aya and kiyoshi kanai - just b/c it's a daughter and a dad & i love my dad
  • matthew eikelberger - color, color, color
  • paola kudacki and james penfold - boy meets girl - minimalism, cleanliness, art and SHOES!
  • cheri messerli and david rager - perfection at its best - dark, classic, amalgamation of two lives - I LOVE THIS THE MOST
says cheri messerli and david ragerare moving - maybe i should look into this.

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mil. said...

I also love The Selby. Thanks for the photo words.