Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proud Adopted American

For the first time in a year since moving here, I can officially say that I am proud to be living in this country. Kind of makes you feel like the American Dream is actually attainable. I would like to congratulate the new President Elect, Barack Obama. Boy do you have one hell of a clean up.

Let's start with:

a - the economy
b - raise those taxes for those that make over $200,000 (and yes I know many that still voted Obama)
c - pull the fuck out of Iraq
d - make heathcare affordable (we did it in Canada)

It wasn't a race issue, it was the right man vs. wrong man issue. Eight years of Bush, with his Republican legacy was McCain's biggest downfall. If I believed in God, I would thank God and praise the Lord but I don't so I can just thank the people of the United States (for once) and Obama. Nevermind me, the rest of the world thanks you. You changed history, didn't think the U.S. was ready for an African-American President but I was fortunately proven wrong.

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