Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History in the Making

We are witnessing history in the making. Predicted to be the largest voter turnout ever, everyone in the world is ready for a change. With Bush leaving a bad taste in everyone's mouth, we are starving for something new.

The U.S. will either have:

a - The first African-American President in office or
b - The first woman Vice President

I would choose the former if I could. The U.S. needs more regulation, needs to move towards a more socialist view on life, the middle class needs a helping hand AND it desperately needs to pull out of Iraq, ASAP.

Here's some fun facts about what the Bush Administration has left us (I now include myself in the U.S. since I live here, sometimes unfortunately):

March 2003: Under the premise that Iraq has WMD's, America invades the country with a fierce "shock and awe" campaign, unloading tons of bombs upon the city in a late-night attack.

February 2004: Bush backs Constitutional amendment denying any state the right to recognize gay marriage.

September 2004: The federal deficit reaches a record high, approaching nearly $1 trillion. Former President Bill Clinton handed Bush more than $500 billion in surplus when he took office.

May 2007: Bush signs a directive that gives himself complete control of all three branches of government in cases where "extraordinary disaster" warrant it.

March 2008: It is revealed that Bush has used a third of his presidency - 879 days - for vacation. The death toll of U.S. troops in Iraq reaches 4,000; Iraqi civilian deaths are estimated at over half a million.

September 2008: Lehman Brothers goes bankrupt, sending the economy into the worst crisis since the Great Depression.

The U.S. cannot put another Republican into office. McCain's biggest downfall was running for Presidency right after Bush.

I can't vote but lets hope everyone does, and for the right candidate. Obama - The rest of the world is behind you if not your own country.

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